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Message from the Provost

Saginaw Valley State University is undertaking a very important survey project to learn about faculty, staff, and students’ perceptions of their workplace and university. Understanding your perceptions and listening to your voice in issues of climate is the preliminary step in improving the workplace for all at SVSU.

Saginaw Valley is committed to use data from the climate survey to improve policies that impact all aspects of academic life, including faculty development and advancement. Recognizing our strengths and limitations with respect to climate will help us develop a comprehensive strategy that benefits the campus community. 

Susan Rankin from Rankin and Associates Consulting, an expert with over 100 climate surveys in higher education in the U.S., is conducting our survey.  Dr. Rankin reminds us that the goal of workplace climate is not just about the “experience of individuals and groups on a campus; it’s also the quality and extent of the interaction between those various groups and individuals.” The results can be a dynamic foundation for changes in policies and practices that can nurture the type of university environment that SVSU and its employees deserve.

Dr. Rankin and the SVSU team have taken every precaution to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mamie Thorns at, or Gary Thompson at, or visit the climate survey website at

I will certainly participate, and I, along with President Bachand, the Board of Control, the Faculty Association and other university leadership and governance groups, encourage you to be involved as well.  Please make the time to complete the survey so that we can continue our efforts to build on our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Thank you,

Deborah Huntley