What is CHEERS to the Designated Driver?

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs participating in CHEERS provide FREE non-alcoholic drinks to the acknowledged designated driver in a group of two or more. It's a way of saying thanks for caring about your friends and community! This program was designed to increase the amount of designated drivers throughout the SVSU community. Local establishment owners have been asked to adopt the program. Look for bars, restaurants and nightclubs that support CHEERS. Encourage establishments to adopt the program.


General FAQ's

What establishments participate in CHEERS?

  • Bennigans 3095 Tittabawassee Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604.
  • Heck's Bar 555 Shattuck, Saginaw, MI  48604
  • Flannigans 7734 Gratiot Road Saginaw, MI 48609
  • Hooters of Saginaw 5538 Bay Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604.
  • JB Meinberg's 116 S. Hamilton, Saginaw, MI.
  • The Junction Bar & Grill 410 Mackinaw, Saginaw, MI 48603.
  • Los Cuatro Amigos 4002 Bay Rd, Saginaw, MI 48603.
  • Lucky's Pub/Westown 615 E. Midland St., Bay City, MI 48706.
  • Lumberjacks Steakhouse and Piano Saloon 605 E. Midland St., Bay City, MI 48706
  • O'Hare's 608 E. Midland St., Bay City, MI 48706.
  • Midland Street Pub 610 E. Midland St., Bay City, MI 48706.
  • Someplace Else 118 N. Michigan, Saginaw
  • Timbers 6415 State St. Saginaw Township
  • White's Bar 2609 State St., Saginaw, MI 48602.
  • Woody O'Brien's 114 S. Hamilton, Saginaw, MI.

Do I have to be 21 to get free non-alcoholic drinks?

No. A designated driver is anyone who agrees to remain sober in order to be able to drive others home safely. As long as you are old enough to drive and are old enough to be allowed in the establishment, you can participate in CHEERS. Just show your SVSU ID to your server to participate.

Will you pick me up if I can't drive home?

No, sorry. The CHEERS program cannot pick you up.

What if an establishment doesn't give me my drink for free?

Please call our CHEERS Coordinator, Lindsey Zietz at 989-964-4658. She greatly appreciates your feedback and will contact the establishment.

Can I get alcoholic drinks for free?

Of course not, why would we give designated drivers alcohol? It's your job to drive home safe.


DESIGNATED DRIVER is someone who consumes no alcohol at all, not even one drink.

If you don't want to be the designated driver, please, for your life and the lives of others, take one with you!