Women of GLBHLI Event



SELF LOVE:  Strategies to Transform your Life
Presented by Beth Bryce


Society largely views self-care as selfish and overly indulgent.  However, taking good care makes your life more fulfilling, contributes to your well-being and it also extends to others. When we care for ourselves deeply and deliberately, we naturally care for others – our families, friends and community in a healthier and more effective way. Join us while we explore strategies on how to love ourselves in ways that will nurture and empower us and ultimately, others. Leave with your own action plan on how to make yourself a priority and transform your life. 
•        Discover when, where, why and how you feel deprived
•        Desperately need rejuvenation and to find your own rhythm and routine
•        Time to create an “absolute no list”
•        Give yourself permission to dramatically upgrade your life! 
Beth Bryce is Author & Founder of Girls2Women Coaching and a certified motivational career coach. Beth has a Masters in Leadership and is Director of Career Services and adjunct professor at Northwood University.  She supports organizations that enhance the quality of life for its youth and women.   Beth is a featured Co-author in the newly released book, “Women on Fire Book 2” by Women on Fire Media. The book is a heart-stirring anthology of stories written by 21 courageous and powerful women who faced real-life challenges and successfully moved through them. Celebrity endorsements include Marianne Williamson, Judy Blume and Agapi Stassinopoulos. www.bethbryce.com 




Wednesday, May 14, 2014,   6 pm - 8 pm

Los Cuatro Amigos on Bay Road, Saginaw MI


Tickets $20 Registration Fee
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