Java Programming ll (Online)




This course builds on the skills learned in Java Programming I in computer programming using Sun’s Java programming language.  Students will design generic classes and interfaces to improve code reusability, thereby improving speed and efficiency.  Additionally, students will learn to employ linked lists, create and manage stacks and queues and also use binary trees in Java programs.  From there, students will move on to analyze algorithms for efficiency and complexity of sorting, as well as Big O notation classifications. Finally, students will work on implementing graph applications, advanced GUIs and graphics to really make the most of their programming abilities.

 Course Objectives: 

  • Examine the fundamentals of the Java programming language
  • Design generic classes and interfaces to improve code reusability
  • Write a Java program to employ a linked list
  • Create and manage a stack in a Java program
  • Create and manage a queue in a Java program
  • Create and use a binary tree in a Java program
  • Use the Java Collections Framework in a Java program
  • Determine the efficiency of an algorithm and classify it in terms of the Big O notation
  • Determine the complexity of O(n2) sorting algorithms
  • Determine the complexity of  O(n log n) sorting algorithms
  • Design graph algorithms such as depth-first search and breath-first search for use in graph applications
  • Develop a GUI with advanced features




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