Lean Enterprise Certification 1 (Online)




A “Lean Enterprise” can be defined as one that “performs without waste.” Despite constant efforts to the contrary, many organizations waste anywhere from 70-90% of available resources and staff through improper management or ineffective use of materials, time, information, equipment and inventory. The Lean Enterprise Certification will help participants to overcome these difficulties by applying Lean Enterprise principles and practices throughout their own organization. Projects offered throughout the course will offer participants in-depth experience implementing all the necessary steps to achieve successful results across multiple functions and operations in any organization. Creating improvements across businesses from top to bottom, this course is ideal for individuals responsible for managing or participating in performance improvement activities particularly in the following industries: Electronics, Healthcare, IT, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Energy, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, and Telecommunications. This course will prepare students to sit for the Lean Essentials I Certification exam from the American Society for Quality.




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