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Reporting Hours Worked

In reporting hours worked, supervisors should adhere to the following hourly payment guidelines:

A. Student employee time is approved by a supervisor in Ultra Time and is submitted bi-weekly to the Controller's office, payroll division, for processing.

B. Supervisors are responsible for accurate reporting of time worked by the student employee.

C. All hours worked must be reported accurately on a daily basis. Hours may not be banked for payment at a later date.

D. Breaks: Students will need to clock in at the beginning of their shift, out at lunch break, back in after lunch, and out at the end of their shift. For more information on this subject please refer to the Work Schedules section.

E. Supervisors should keep internal working logs. Student employees cannot be paid while or attending classes.

F. Supervisors will develop and enforce compliance with a work schedule.

G. Students who discontinue working will be reported immediately to the Career Services office to end their employment.

H. As previously noted, supervisors are responsible for monitoring both their department's usage of allocated dollars and the student's earnings in relation to their award. Internal working records should be developed by each department to ensure that expenditures do not exceed budgeted amounts and that students do not earn more than their award.

I. Falsification of swipes: Any student caught swiping in/out and found not to be working is considered stealing time and cause for immediate termination.  Such conduct will be reported to the applicable authorities.