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Sample Documents

Sample Resume #1 (260kB) - Basic resume for students (w/ previous work experience) about to graduate

Sample Resume #2 (12kB) - Resume for professionals with extensive work experience 

Sample Resume #3 (130kB) - Resume for professionals looking to change careers or re-enter the workforce

Sample Cover Letter (w/ text prompts) (14kB) - Basic cover letter with suggestions for information to include

Sample Co-op/Internship Resume (93kB) - Resume for students looking to obtain a Co-op/Internship position

Sample Student Employment Resume - No Experience (81kB)

Sample Student Employment Resume - Limited Experience (82kB)

Sample Resume - Varsity Athlete (40kB)‌ - Resume for jobseekers with intercollegiate athletic experience

Sample Bullet Point Statements for Common Jobs (28kB)‌ - Level 2 and Level 3 bullet point statements for Cashier, Retail Associate, Host/Server/Bartender, Student Employee Clerical, Fast Food Employee, and Athlete


Industry-Specific Resumes Industry-Specific Cover Letters
Sample Resume - Accounting (93kB)  Sample Cover Letter - Accounting (15kB)
Sample Resume - Biology (18kB)  
Sample Resume - Business/Management (88kB)  
Sample Resume - Chemistry (94kB)  
Sample Resume - Communication (20kB) Sample Cover Letter - Communication (14kB)
Sample Resume - Computer Science (51kB)  
Sample Resume - Creative Writing (17kB)  
Sample Resume - Criminal Justice (22kB)  
Sample Resume - Education (63kB)  
Sample Resume - Engineering (91kB)  
Sample Resume - Exercise Science (40kB) Sample Cover Letter - Exercise Science (15kB)
Sample Resume - Finance (89kB)  
Sample Resume - Graphic Design (59kB)  
Sample Resume - Health Science (48kB) Sample Cover Letter - Health Science (16kB)
Sample Resume - Marketing (97kB)  
Sample Resume - Psychology (30kB) Sample Cover Letter - Psychology (15kB)
Sample Resume - Social Work (21kB)  
Sample Resume - Spanish (98kB)  
Sample Resume - Teacher Certification Program (40kB)  
Sample Resume - Theatre (17kB)