4-Year Action Plan

Freshman Year

  • Meet with a Career Services staff member for one-on-one advising.
  • Attend a Career Services resume workshop to build your resume.
  • Utilize your career guide for building an effective cover letter.
  • Get engaged with Student Life to find out about student organizations and volunteer opportunities to add to your resume.
  • Explore the Cardinal Career Network for on- and off-campus employment.
  • Attend a Career Services event on campus.

Sophomore Year

  • Edit and review your resume; have it critiqued by Career Services.
  • Explore the Cardinal Career Network for experiential learning opportunities like internships, co-ops, or job shadowing.
  • If you haven’t joined an organization on campus, do it this year!
  • Engage in volunteer activities through Student Life.
  • Go to at least one career fair to immerse yourself in knowing what it is like to network with employers.

Junior Year

  • Update your resume, have it critiqued, and upload a polished version to the Cardinal Career Network.
  • Attend career fairs to research employers and look for internship opportunities.
  • Take a leadership position in your organization on campus - a great experience and great resume builder!
  • Schedule a mock interview.
  • Check the Cardinal Career Network to sign up for an on-campus interview and apply for internships.

Senior Year

  • Update your resume, have it critiqued, and upload a final version to the Cardinal Career Network.
  • Get references together from employers, faculty members and advisors.
  • Apply for jobs: it takes a student 4-6 months to secure a position so START EARLY.
  • Attend as many Career Services events as possible! Job fairs, etiquette dinners, workshops, etc.
  • Network and apply for jobs at career fairs.
  • Meet with Alumni Relations to build a networking team for after graduation.


Before you apply...

  • Personalize your profile on the Cardinal Career Network by uploading a critiqued cover letter and resume, and unofficial transcripts.
  • Check police reports for any previous offenses.
  • Google yourself!
  • Reassess the privacy settings on your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Have an appropriate voice message on your phone.
  • Be aware that many employers require a drug test and a reference check.
  • Complete a mock interview to ensure you are prepared for the real interview.