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The staff at SVSU Career Services is dedicated to providing students with all the resources they need to make their experience at Saginaw Valley as valuable as possible. Research has shown that students who create ePortfolios have benefited greatly, both during their experience at university, and beyond when applying for their careers. If an ePortfolio is executed correctly, students can use it to collect and reflect on their work and ultimately make connections between different areas of curriculum. When students have the opportunity to reflect on their work, they are able to witness their strengths and weaknesses and strive for improvement. 

According to the article, The Benefits of E-portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words, reflection on work saved in e-portfolios can:

  • build learners’ personal and academic identities as they complete complex projects and reflect on their capabilities and progress,
  • facilitate the integration of learning as students connect learning across courses and time,
  • be focused on developing self-assessment abilities in which students judge the quality of work using the same criteria experts use,
  • help students plan their own academic pathways as they come to understand what they know and are able to do and what they still need to learn.

There are three steps (listed below) which you will need to follow in order to bulid a robust ePortfolio that assists you in encapsulating your achievements and highlighting your strengths for potential employers:

1) Creating an ePortfolio

2) Uploading Documents to an ePortfolio

3) Adding Additional Resources to an ePortfolio

(Miller, Ross, and Wende Morgaine. "The Benefits of E-portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words." Association of American Colleges & Universities. N.p., 29 Dec. 2014. Web. 07 June 2017.)

Step 1: Creating an ePortfolio
Step 2: Uploading Documents to Google Drive
Step 3: Additional ePortfolio Resources

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