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Canvas is the learning management system used at SVSU. Canvas allows instructors to organize their courses and course content so students can find the materials they need quickly and easily. Canvas includes tools for announcements, assignments, quizzes, grades, discussion and more.





How do I request multiple sections of my course be combined in Canvas?

You can put in a request to have your courses combined in Canvas through the Canvas Management Console (CMC). Once you have logged into the CMC:

  • Click the "Merge Sections" button.
  • In the Sections column on the left, click the "Add" button to the right of all the courses that should be part of the combined course. 
  • In the Sections to Merge section on the right, confirm that the courses are listed correctly, and then click the "Click to Merge" button.

Your request will be processed within a day or two.

How do I get help with Canvas?

You can attend a training check out the Canvas Guides (documentation, videos, and tutorials maintained by Canvas), explore the Canvas Instructors course, watch some previously recorded workshops on YouTube, or contact the Support Center.

How can I troubleshoot a feature that is not working in Canvas?

Sometimes, a feature doesn't work properly because the browser that is used to open Canvas is not up to date.  If something isn't working as you expect, try downloading and installing the browser update (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc).  If the browser is up to date and the feature is still not working, login to Canvas using a different browser and try again.

Do I have to attend a workshop in order to use Canvas?

We offer many workshops for those interested in learning about Canvas and strongly encourage users to attend at least a Canvas Introduction. However, we do not require you to attend one in order to use the system. We have recorded many of the workshops with Echo360. Those recorded videos can be found on our YouTube channel in the Canvas playlist, and in the Canvas Instructors course linked under Echo360 in the navigation. In order to see the videos in the Canvas course, you need to be logged into Canvas.

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