Voices for SVSU Dr. Jeff Smith, Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences, discusses the cutting edge work at SVSU's Brain Research Lab conducted by undergrads and supported by Malcolm and Lois Field's generous gift.
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Endowments offer an opportunity to establish funds today that will carry your vision to future generations. A gift of $10,000 or greater, payable over as many as five years, creates a fund that will generate annual income in perpetuity to support the purpose you designate now.

How do endowments benefit SVSU?

  • Endowments enable SVSU to be on the cutting edge in research and program development.
  • Income from endowments provides a stable source of revenue and a buffer against economic changes.
  • As the student population at SVSU continues to increase, so, too, does the need for scholarships.
  • Endowments support many of the University's most distinctive intellectual and cultural programs.

How do endowments benefit SVSU?

  • Your endowment carries your vision into the future, administered by guidelines you help develop now.
  • Your gift lives forever in a fund that touches many future generations in your name.
  • You can add to your endowment at any time, or consider providing for it in your estate planning.
  • Your annual gifts are eligible for generous state and federal tax exemptions.

How do I establish an endowment?

A member of the SVSU Foundation staff will work with you to design an endowment plan that suits your giving needs and preferences. Please e-mail or call the SVSU Foundation at (989) 964-4052.