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The center offers a variety of programs and services on teaching and learning to support faculty, departments and other units on campus.  Throughout the year the center hosts a number of events designed to bring together faculty and other professionals across the campus to share expertise, showcase innovative practices and explore emerging pedagogical models.


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The CAI offers grant funding for innovative teaching projects.  The grant competition is open to SVSU faculty (individual or teams of faculty) and is designed to support thoughtful pedagogical experimentation to enhance student learning. Every year 5-6 teaching innovation grants are granted.  The grants are submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs and are peer-reviewed by a committee of faculty members. 

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Teaching & Learning Symposium

Every year the Center hosts a Teaching and Learning Symposium in February.  The symposium is designed to showcase innovative teaching and learning projects and to provide a forum for faculty to engage in discussions, share ideas and collaborate on teaching/learning projects. The symposium includes a keynote talk and several showcase sessions.

 2018 Teaching and Learning Symposium (18,412KB)

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Workshops & Forums

The center is dedicated to promoting and enhancing teaching excellence and student learning.  The center offers a variety of workshops in different formats to support the implementation of evidence-based teaching practices.

 Teaching Tables 2018-2019 (871KB)




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New Faculty Orientation

Dr. Erik Trump directs the new faculty orientation program.  It is a three-day program for new faculty that emphasizes the centrality of effective and innovative teaching at SVSU. During the academic year he coordinates monthly workshops that build upon the summer experience, offering faculty the opportunity to develop their teaching skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

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Communities of Practice

 A faculty Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of cross-disciplinary faculty members who are engaged in a year long exploration of a common area of interest related to teaching and learning.  Members meet regularly to gain in-depth knowledge of a new pedagogical practice/model, implement and examine the effectiveness of the practice and share the outcomes in a workshop or conference. There are many advantages of participating in a CoP, it provides members the support of a peer network and a creative, collaborative platform for advancing their knowledge and skills related to teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning.  Currently, we are offering the following Communities of Practice.

  1. Online/Hybrid Teaching - (Facilitator: Poonam Kumar)
  2. New Faculty – (Facilitator – Erik Trump)
  3. Basic Skills (Bob Lane)
  4. Dow Professor Grant – Teaching Innovation Project (Poonam & Bob)
  5. Dialogues on First Year Student Success (Ann C.C) 

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Faculty Training for Online Teaching

There are two types of training programs offered for faculty who are interested in teaching online and hybrid courses. The training uses Quality Matters rubric as foundation for designing online and hybrid courses. Please view the  to see the dates for the training. 

Designer Course: This is a 10-week training course that focuses on how to design and facilitate an online or hybrid course using best practices. The training is offered in a blended format that includes a mix of face-to-face and online sessions. Training covers: QM framework, best practices for designing interactive courses, effective use of technology and accessibility considerations.

Facilitator Course: A self- paced, online training that focuses on how to effectively facilitate an online or hybrid course that has already been developed for online/hybrid format.

Instructional Design Support for Online and Hybrid Course Development: In addition to the training, ongoing support and consultation is also provided to support faculty who are teaching online and/or hybrid courses.