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The mission of the center is to support the campus community in enhancing and creating innovative practices that promote pedagogical excellence.


The center’s vision is to foster a culture of pedagogical innovation and excellence to support and bring national recognition to the teaching and learning endeavors of the university.


  1. Serve as a resource center for evidenced-based and emerging practices of teaching and learning across all modes of delivery.
  2. Promote understanding and implementation of high-impact, evidenced-based, data-informed pedagogical practices.
  3. Offer a variety of opportunities for engaging in discussion and professional development activities focused on learner-centered pedagogy that:
  • Orients/supports new faculty in regard to the culture and practices of innovative teaching and learning;
  • Encourages and supports faculty to leverage technology to enhance learning and address teaching and learning challenges;
  • Provides professional development opportunities to explore emerging pedagogical models supported by digital learning technologies;
  • Offers incentives for innovative teaching and learning practices
  • Supports faculty in the scholarship of teaching and learning initiatives;
  • Supports faculty, staff, and non-academic units in the integration of curricular and co-curricular activities that enhance student learning; and
  • Fosters pedagogical innovation and excellence with the purpose of addressing student retention/success.