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Throughout the year, students, staff and faculty are recognized for their acheivements and contributions. Find your award category for more information about the nomination process, deadlines, and ceremonies!

Past Recipients

Past Recipients of the SVSU Distinguished Service Medallion

2017 Terence F Moore
2016 Leola Wilson
2015 Jim Wolohan
2014 -----------
2013 K.P. Karunakaran, M.D., Barb Mitchell
2012 Alan W. Ott, Patricia Turnbull Shek
2011 James A. Barcia, David M. Hall
2010 Susan Vititoe, D. Brian Law
2009 Robert and Susan Pumford
2008 Joel Gougeon, Hugo E. (Ted) and Ruth Braun
2007 Carl Fredericks, Burnett Kelly
2006 Linda Sims, Thomas Ludington
2005 Morrison and Julie Stevens
2004 Robert J. Vitito
2003 Grant A. Schaefer
2002 Thomas and Ginger Marx, Linneaus and Phae Dorman
2001 Thomas Rush
2000 B.J. Humphreys
1999 Herbert Gettel, Harvey Walker
1998 Donna Roberts
1997 Richard Wolohan
1996 G. James and Lyla Williams, Gerald and Rosaline Blumenau
1995 Ernest Paulick
1994 Martha Arnold
1993 Stuart Gross, Thomas Mutton
1992 Rhea Miller, Yoko Mossner, Curtis E. White
1991 Melvyn Adelman, Richard Gilmore, Melvin Zahnow
1990 Jerry Hart, Timothy Lipan