TheCard FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about TheCard. Still have questions? Contact the Campus Financial Services Center at (989) 964-4900 or in person at 131-A Wickes Hall. Office hours are 9:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

   Q. How and where do I get TheCard, my campus I.D.?
   Q. Is there money stored on my card?
   Q. Will I lose privilege to use TheCard if I do not register for a class?
   Q. I have the previous version of TheCard, known as “Access SVSU”, does this card still work on campus? Is there a fee to replace it?
   Q. I lost my campus I.D., TheCard. What are my options?
   Q. What costs are associated with TheCard?
   Q. Can I lend my card to a friend?
   Q. How do I link TheCard to an Independent Bank checking account?