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Randall Crawford Exhibition - Postcard

"More Alternate Explanations:"‌

Mixed Media Works by Randal Crawford

 February 9 - March 7, 2009


Randal Crawford is a Professor of Art at Delta College.  He has an M.F.A. degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and a B.F.A. from Philadelphia College of art.  He completed his graduate studies at Banff Center School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

"Where do we go from here?"

Fascinatingly, one simple question can mark the beginning and ending of nearly all undertakings.  My artistic vision illustrates this question on several levels but, for the most part, in one regard, the fact that I believe I am largely influenced by the particulars of nature's predominant forces, which are forever mysteriously at work around us all--beginning and ending things, so to say.  (Artist's statement)

For more information on the artist visit his website: www.randalcrawford

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