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May 7 - June 30, 2012

Artists Reception:
Thursday, May 17, 1 - 3 pm

Annual Student Art exhibitions feature works from all medium areas of current SVSU Department of Art students.  This exhibit consists of 44 pieces by 26 students.  

Juror's Awards
Rachel Dorie, Kassie Smith, Trecien Schultz, and Garrett Weslock

Students who participated in the 7th Annual Student Art Show are: Rachel Blaylock, Matthew Bailey, Jillian Bourbina, Jayne Browning, Jill Cooley, Samuel Dantuma, Rachel Dorie, Amy Gibas, Matthew Gonea, Julie Haubenstricker, Christine Janowiak, David Janssen Jr., Tammy Jewell, Emily Keck, Katherine Marlatt, Melissa McCormick, Jolyn Ohlendorf, Veronica Osowski, Madison Playford, Krista Pouzar, Rotana Qutub, Trecien Schultz, Kassie Smith, Emily Sovey, Garrett Weslock, Gaoxee Stephanie Yang.


Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit - Koi Skateboard, digital imaging
"Juror's Award"
Trecien Schultz
Koi Skateboard
digital imaging 

 ‌Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit Untitled Ceramic, Juror's Award
"Juror's Award"
Kassie Smith



 Photo by Garrett Weslock
"Juror's Award"
Garrett Westlock
The Infected American Heart

 Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit ‎ ‎  Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit
 Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit    Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit


Photo of 7th Annual Student Exhibit Christine Janowiak, Acrylic painting & collage

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