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These exhibitions are a show of the works of SVSU B.F.A. majors.  This serves as a completion of their undergraduate program:  painting, drawing, print-making, photography, sculpture, ceramics, computer illustration and graphic design are included.  View links below for more information on individual exhibitions.

BFA Postcard, Charity Glaza, ceramics
Eric McGregor, ceramics
Jessica Smith, painting
B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2017
featuring art work by
Charity Glaza, Eric McGregor, & Jessica Smith

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B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2016
featuring art work by
Alison Bur & Myles Roznowski
 BFA Postcard Fall 2015
B.F.A. Exhibition - Fall 2015
featuring art work by
Logan Mooney & Miles Nitz
BFA Postcard - Garrett WestlockB.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2015
featuring art work by
Garrett Weslock

Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition postcard - Eileen Gemborys & David Janssen, Jr.B.F.A. Exhibition - Fall 2014
featuring art work by
Eileen Gemborys & David Janssen, Jr.

BFA Exhibit - postcard
Michael Estrada, Amy Gibas, Tecien Schultz, Katie Stanton
B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2014

featuring art work by
Michael Estrada, Amy Gibas,
Trecien Schultz & Katie Stanton

BFA Exhibit postcard - Fall 2013: Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald, and Olivia NixonB.F.A Exhibition - Fall 2013
featuring art work by
Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott,
Patricia McDonald & Olivia Nixon


B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2012
featuring art work by
Amanda Abraham, Jillian Bourbia, 
Caleb Guthrie & Kait Harris

‌‌BFA Winter 2011
B.F.A. Exhibition Winter 2011
featuring art work by
Jill Cooley, Corey Gilbert, Jason Hynes,
Jillian Moody & Kristine Schlicht
‌‌‌BFA Winter 2013 Postcard
Christine Janowiak & Kassie Smith
B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2013
featuring art work by
Christine Janowiak & Kassie Smith


B.F.A. Exhibition - Fall 2011
featuring art work by
Caleb Guthrie, Robin Karnes & Nicole Turner


BFA Postcard Winter 2007
B.F.A. Exhibition - Winter 2007
Nicole Hollenback, Amy Ladensack,
Jason Nuttall, Stephanie Payne, Tracy Ludwig