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Japan Trip - spring 2018 Japan Trip - spring 2018 

JAPAN - Spring 2018 




SUMMER 2017 - May 9 - June 1, 2017 (view flyer)

Art 130 & Art 290 - The Renaissance in Florence & Venice
ART 490 - Art in Context: de Medici to Modern

Student Trip to Italy - Spring 2017  Student Trip to Italy & Venice 2017 - Certosa del Galluzzo


2016 - Art 290: The Art of the Japanese Garden, summer 2016 (view flyer)


2013 - ROME, ITALY

Professor Michelle Randall with SVSU Art Majors in Rome & Italy.

Florence 2013 Ferragamo
SVSU Professors Michelle Randall & Shaun Bangert with
students, Florence 2013 Ferragamo
Art Majors Colosseum
SVSU Art Majors Colosseum in Rome
Colin and Emily at St Ivo alla Sapienza
Colin Mealey and Emily Phillips at St Ivo alla Sapienza

Eric and Tierra at Palazzo Barberini
Eric Birkle and Tierra Caldwell at Palazzo Barberini

 Breakfast at the Vatican
SVSU students enjoying breakfast at the Vatican

 students Florence 2013
Professors Bangert and Randall with students in Florence, Italy‌

 Joey at the Forum
SVSU Alumnus Joey Gasper captures light at the Roman Forum.