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Program Requirements and Degree Options

Mac Computers and Software for Graphic Design Majors

A Mac computer is the best choice for a graphic design major.  Mac is the industry standard, and most job positions in design will supply you with a Mac in the workplace. 

Before you purchase a Mac we recommend for you to wait until you are in your higher level courses for graphic design.

Computers age quickly and SVSU provides a Mac lab for you with all the software you will need for the courses.  Wait until you have completed ART 260, or even complete ART 350 before purchasing a MAC computer.

In your graphic design courses SVSU instructors recommend you use the Adobe Cloud set for software because it too is the industry standard. If you do decide to get your own computer know that the software is also expensive for students - something like $30 a month for as long as you have it. (It is not recommend to store files on the Adobe Cloud as students who have missed their monthly payment have had all files deleted).

The most important features are memory and processing power. Buy the model you like with the most processing power and memory you can afford.