Meet Joe Jaksa

For Dr. Joe Jaksa, now an assistant professor at SVSU, what pushed him to get his master's degree was his desire to open doors. Formerly the vice president of a regional security corporation, Joe's goal was to teach at the college and university level --- "to spend the second half of my career getting our next generation ready." Looking back, he recalls his education at SVSU the turning point in his career; the transition he says changed him "from the practitioner to the professor."

Joe fondly remembers his master's program classmates --- a blend of professionals from all fields, along with younger students' right out of college. Classes were taught by professors with a wide-range of public administration experiences, greatly enhancing his knowledge of the system, how it operates, and how to become a success!  

Joe recently received his doctorate in educational leadership. But he says it time and time again: his life changes all began when he took on the master's program at SVSU.

Joe recently took on the challenge to coordinate the Administrative Science program.  He is the "go to guy" for responding to questions from prospective and current students regarding the program, course scheduling, advising, and career planning.

As Dr. Jaksa says, "It is my privilege to carry on the MAS tradition and help our students earn this degree just as my professors at SVSU successfully guided me!"