Applied Studies

applied studies

Applied Studies

College:  Varies

Department: Varies

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Studies

The Bachelor of Applied Studies degree (B.A.S.) is a specially designed program for associate-degree holders in applied, technical, or career-oriented fields who wish to complete a four-year degree, but whose needs do not mandate a regular baccalaureate degree program.

Each student enrolling in the B.A.S. program must have their Associate’s Degree approved prior to admission. Many associate degree programs have already been evaluated by the Bachelor of Applied Studies degree committee. Programs that have not already been evaluated will be considered by the B.A.S. committee upon application to the program. For more information, please contact the SVSU Office of Admissions at (989)964-4200 or 1-800-968-9500.

Sample list of Associate Degrees which may qualify

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